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I am a Spanish journalist and video producer/editor, highly creative, enthusiastic, fast learner and very passionate about all task related to communication and sustainability.

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I belongs to the Game Boy’s generation but I am very passionate about online communication and the digital universe.

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I got more than 10 years of experience as a jounalist and more than 5 working as a content creator and community manager.


Bachelor in Journalism and postgraduate course in digital communication and online advertising.

Freelance Writer

I write about sustainable tourism in Travel National Geographic Spain.

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I've posted some articles in the Iati's blog, a popular insurance company.

Freelance Writer

I write articles for the Canary Islands Tourism Board's blog.

Travel post

I have written for one of the most popular online magazines.

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Writing is 30% inspirational, 60% knowledge and research and 10% fun. Tell me what you want me to write about. I will do it with passion and accuracy.



Let’s create content to attract, and engage. Video, gifs, images, text… I will combined formats to get the best content cross-platform.



Let your social media in good hands. I will create posts and actively engage your community. I know what and when to post and how to respond.

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Traveling is my biggest passion, which I combine with my other big love, communicating, in my blog www.andurrianteblog.com where I write and create content cross-platform. 


I joined the eco-friendly philosophy some years ago. I am the founder of the #olaAsia Project, a non-profit organization to promote the sustainable tourism in Asia.

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Get A glimpse Into my world. This is my passion. my projects are my art.

Here you will see a few examples of my current and recent works  for different companies and brands.

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I got a long experience working as a content creator and community manager, for brands and companies.


diving & Hostels

DPM is an international dive center, in Thailand, Indonesia and Egypt, focused on sustainable diving and courses.

Content Creator

I have been working with DPM since July 2019, as a content creator for its social media (@dpmdiving) and also writing articles for its blog.


Dive Center Thailand

DPM is a dive center in Thailand, with courses, day trips and liveaboards in the Similan Islands.

Community Manager

I started my work with Sea Dragon in Nov 2019, as a content creator and community manager.


Non-profit Project

I am the founder and ambassador of #olaAsia’s project, a non-profit iniatiative developed with the NGO Viaja, Disfruta y Ayuda, to promote the sustainable tourism.

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Community Manager

I am a content creator and community manager for #olaAsia.

I combine different formats and content, not only images and videos on the feed, but also short documentary videos (with subtitles) and lives.

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Spring Hotels
Content Creator and Community Manager
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Read my last posts, surfing on my website to see all the different content I produce.

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Look some of my videos for my multi-platform content in Andurriante.